Musical Interlude: Straitjackets, Lisa Marr

Los Straitjackets will be on tour soon. They are coming to Fitzgerald’s on June 11. (Sylvain, no Pontani Sisters this time.) The Masked Men will be dynamite, as always. Go see ‘em. Their most recent record Supersonic Guitars in 3-D is fabulous. Go buy it.

Lisa Marr, Lex’s favorite singer and songwriter, has recently put up a website which is a one-stop-shopping compendium of all her stuff — past, present and anticipated. The multifaceted Miss Marr, we quickly learn, is not merely the premier pop songstress of the age. She’s got some photos on there, and she’ll paint your portrait, too. She does have a bunch of songs on it, including some really great ones, so check ‘em out. She’s got a show in LA on June 4 (“enter in the alley in back! don’t be scared, it’s fine!”), as well as an upcoming European tour in July (“a fun-filled month of movies and music in England, Ireland, Scotland and Spain!”). She’s got a live cd of some show she did in Mexico. (Scroll down to the bottom: “The Here & Now Live In Mexico City CD,” $7. Lex’s copy is on order.) The long-awaited “solo album” is also still in the works, we are told. So, her ardent fans have much to be cheerful about. And, she is managing to update her site more or less once a month, which beats the heck out of once a year. All in all, auspicious signs of intense vitality boding well for many great new songs and performances in the future.

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  1. Captain, I think we are the biggest Lisa Marr fans in the blogosphere. Go the downloads page and check out “Toro Toro Toro”. Great stuff. Check out the video of “Make it in America.” Buy the cd its on from for a song called “Come on William” which sounds like it was recorded in 1969 with Gram Parsons sitting in. She’s doing some great things. I pine for the forthcoming solo album.

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