[I received the following press release today. I hope many of our readers will attend.]

CHICAGO – Thousands of concerned citizens are set to gather at noon on April 18 at Daley Plaza at 50 W. Washington to protest out of control spending, unsustainable deficits and the unprecedented growth of government. People will come together in downtown Chicago, where the tea party movement began, to hold politicians of both parties accountable, stop runaway spending and defend freedom and individual liberty.

“We are very concerned with the direction of our country and our state,” said Chicago coordinator Steve Stevlic. “The decisions made in Washington and Springfield over the next two years will set a path for a generation. We feel the best way to improve the economy, create jobs, and build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren is to reform government
and restore liberty.”


What: Chicago Tax Day Tea Party: Reform Government. Restore Liberty.
Where: Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St., Chicago
When: Noon on Tax Day, which is Monday, April 18

Illinois 8th District Rep. Joe Walsh, who has gained national notoriety for refusing his congressional pension and healthcare benefits, sleeping in his office and opposing the Continuing Resolutions that have funded government at 99 percent of current spending levels
Herman Cain, Businessman, Presidential Candidate
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Jonathan Hoenig,
John Tillman, CEO, Illinois Policy Institute
Cisco Cotto, WLS-AM 890 Host
Dan Proft, WLS-AM 890 Host
Adam Andrzejewski, Founder, For the Good of Illinois
Alex Cortes, Let Freedom Ring,
Dr. Arie Friedman, Docs 4 Patientcare

Media Contact: Steve Stevlic, Chicago Tea Party Patriots or (708) 289-5443


The Core Values of the Tea Party Patriots are:

Fiscal Responsibility
Constitutionally Limited Government
Free Markets

For more information on the Tea Party Movement in Chicago, Illinois and nationally, please visit:


3 thoughts on “TAX DAY TEA PARTY RALLY PLANNED FOR CHICAGO: April 18, 2011”

  1. Oh, applause, applause, applause! It all began two years ago, you know – the first massive gatherings on Tax Day, although in Texas there were some early protests in late February. I will have to repost some of my things about the San Antonio Tea Party Tax Day rally…
    We had Glenn Beck come to ours, which was really hysterically amusing for me, because I had never, ever heard of him. I had him mixed up with Jeff Beck, and when the other planning committee people first mentioned him, I thought “Oh, cool – another rock musician conservative besides Ted Nugent!”
    S’help me god, it’s the truth. And I’ve never watched or listened to him. Not my cuppa. And Ted Nugent was at our April 15th rally – he’s interesting, a very magnetic personality.

  2. I keep getting Glenn Beck and Jeff Beck mixed up, too.

    I hear “Glenn Beck” and I hear in my head the guitar lick at the beginning of Heart Full of Soul. (Glenn Beck’s speaking voice sounds nothing like (the late, lamented) Keith Relf‘s singing voice, which is too bad, really.)

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