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  • New! – Your Chicagoboyz ‘Caption This Photo’ Event

    Posted by Jonathan on April 27th, 2011 (All posts by )

    Do catfish have kittens? [C. Howard]

    Chicagoboyz has readers in unusual places.

    A few choice lots are still available at the Chicagoboyz Ranchos de Hayek (Phase 1) development with construction scheduled to begin 4Q 2017.

    I’ve never seen this species before, Fred. No gills and they sure do thrash around a lot.

    ? ? ?


    4 Responses to “New! – Your Chicagoboyz ‘Caption This Photo’ Event”

    1. Paul Milenkovic Says:

      Yeah, he thinks he is a big fish in a small pond, but nobody is fooled by that whisker comb-over.

    2. John Wolfsberger, Jr. Says:

      Of course I vote Democrat. Why did you ask?

    3. Rich Vail Says:

      Hey look, it’s another LAWYER (aka bottom dwelling skum sucker).

    4. tomw Says:

      Bob, I told you to lay off the Cheetos!