I Suppose we Shouldn’t Even Bother to Vote

It would appear that a new Gallup poll has found that Pres. Bush’s approval rating has just hit 51%. According to the pollsters, this means that Bush has it in the bag.

The share of Americans who say they approve of the job Bush is doing inched over the 50% mark to 51%. No president who was at or above 50% at this point in an election year has lost.

But it’s just a poll. The only thing that matters is the voting, both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

6 thoughts on “I Suppose we Shouldn’t Even Bother to Vote”

  1. Bush just lost my vote. I’ve never voted for a winning presidential candidate in my life, no point starting now…

  2. Gallup is just one poll of many, and I think in the minority re giving Bush the edge at this stage. Moreover, Im fairly sure 1% is within their margin of error, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, Id suggest that it`s too early to pay over much mind to the pollsters just yet. The GOP has yet to start seriously dipping into their much heralded campaign war chest, and considering the Bushie brain trusts undisputed success in the 2002 midterm elections it would probably be prudent to expect similar tactics and strategy in the months ahead… no?

  3. Or maybe just wait until after the RNC ’04 to start taking polls even half seriously?

    I predict a seven point bounce post convention. And Bush will win in a landslide come November. Just watch. And vote Bush/Cheney ’04.

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