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  • Trucking: AQAP and the Zetas

    Posted by Charles Cameron on May 23rd, 2011 (All posts by )

    [ corss-posted from Zenpundit — the talk & the walk, vehicles as weapons, Islamist and “narco” terror ]
    Compare and contrast:


    Hell, a Colombian cartel was fielding narco-subs a while back, as I recall..


    One Response to “Trucking: AQAP and the Zetas”

    1. J. Scott Shipman Says:

      Charles, Indeed, the narco bubbas have used boats (I’m an old sub sailor), but from what I’ve read their boats killed quite a few people. From the still photos and one video I’ve seen, a man would have to be a little touched to put to sea on one of things. Your lower pic looks particularly susceptible to an IED. Do you see the Islamic forces attempting an alliance with narco gangs in the US?