Live up to the Snake! (Name the Snake.)

I have been going off about how we have to have a countervailing image to the Obama 2012 image in the zero, on a blue field, which I am already seeing all over the place.

The Gadsden snake in the zero, on a red field, is a good placeholder until the GOP has a candidate — and hopefully after.

We need a GOP candidate whose name can proudly be matched with the snake.

We need a GOP candidate who is serious about cleaning up the mess.

We need a GOP candidate who is not a squish.

We need a GOP candidate who will live up to the snake.

We all need to live up to the snake.

We need a name for the snake.

I don’t think the snake has ever had a name.

There’s a first time for everything.

I propose Ronald Gadsden Rattlesnake, a/k/a Ronnie Rattlesnake a/k/a Ronnie Rattler.

Ronnie for obvious reasons.

Your proposals are solicited. It will have to be really good to be better than Ronnie Rattler.

Snake 2012 stuff here.

18 thoughts on “Live up to the Snake! (Name the Snake.)”

  1. I propose the snake as the Republican candidate for president. He has a higher approval rating than any of those proposed so far. Everyone approves of the snake. We can figure out his name later. He would be the first serpent-American candidate.

  2. Ronnie is a proud serpent-American, but he has to humbly decline the honor. If nominated he will not slither, if elected he will not serve.

  3. I’d like that background to be blue and red. I’ve been active in the tea party since the beginning and it represents a good enough cross section of both parties as well as independents. Two of the organizations I’ve joined are led by former Democrats and we all change our affiliations as needed to influence primary races. As for the snake, I’d rather he/she remain an unnamed but powerful cipher, one that crosses the usual lines without fear.

  4. We won’t have a candidate for over a year.

    So, we can let Obama’s image dominate everything in the meantime, or have a placeholder to occupy the opposition spot.

    The snake is the placeholder.

    Further, the snake sets a high standard.

    That is what I mean by “live up to the snake.”

  5. Excellent idea, Lex. I’ve been seeing the LOL—with The Obama’s logo as the “O” for sometime. He will be defeated.

  6. Southern Man I cannot encourage and will not facilitate vandalism or intrusion on the free speech of others.

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