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  • Not getting cocky yet, but …

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on September 8th, 2004 (All posts by )

    Jim Miller has an excellent run down of election predictions based on a variety of sources: online trading, analysis of polling data, econometric models.

    It is looking good for Bush by all metrics.

    But, not getting cocky. Not jinxing anything. Not this early. No way.


    7 Responses to “Not getting cocky yet, but …”

    1. Sandy P Says:

      Via Lucianne:

      President Bush emerged from the Republican National Convention with a surge of support that, if it lasts, would give him a solid win in Arizona, a new Arizona Republic Poll shows. A survey of 600 likely voters found that if the election were held now, Bush would sweep Democratic Sen. John Kerry by 54-38 percent. The 16-point gap was a dramatic shift…

      And NJ is in play, too. And Oregon.

    2. Richard A. Heddleson Says:

      Have you selected the California sparkling wine you plan to ser on election night?

    3. Richard A. Heddleson Says:


    4. Lex Says:

      I’m drinking bourbon on election night.

      Whatever happens.

    5. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      I wonder what the Bourbons will be drinking on elections night?

      If Bush wins, it’ll be Perrier. The better to wash down the handful of aspirins.

    6. Jim Miller Says:

      Thanks for the “excellent”. I plan to be doing these summaries more frequently as the election approaches. If I am missing any important predictions, please let me know.

    7. Richard A. Heddleson Says:

      Now that the forgeries used by 60 Minutes have come to light, I have to ask what brand of aspirin you plan to take, Michael.