Around Chicago July 2011


Hotfoot! While it has been hot recently it also was cold earlier in the month and we turned on the (gas) fire pit at a friend’s condominium.


Don’t know quite what this is but I think it is art of some sort.


I liked the view of these condos with the balconies near Erie Park.


Food trucks are the rage! You can follow them via twitter or check the schedule here to see where the “Haute Sausage” truck will be next.


The food trucks were out for “Movies in the Park” where they show free movies in the summertime. They showed “The Social Network” at Erie Park recently where there was a decent crowd (it was a nice night).


I am always amazed at how the spiders get up on the highest decks. This “sky spider” is up on the 42nd floor. You can see big green ones off the sky deck at the highest skyscrapers. Here is a “Straight Dope” column on how those spiders get way up there.


Here is a great shot of the lake near where the spider was blowing in the wind…

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3 thoughts on “Around Chicago July 2011”

  1. I had a whole colony of spiders, who had webs on my ledge on the 38th floor that took them a week or more to make. One day a pigeon came up and in literally about ten seconds ate them all and flew away. It was incredibly brutal and Darwinian.

  2. For a long time I watched a pigeon nest on a balcony as the pigeons laid and hatched eggs and raised their young. One day I came to the office and the pigeon nest was gone. I was told that ravens had carried off the baby pigeons. It’s rough out there.

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