Today I Settle All Family Business

Brilliant parody movie script from Infinite Monkeys. A sample:

CHIRAC (as he sees a third agent step up)
Tell George it was only business. I always liked him.

He understands that.

POWELL (frisking Chirac, taking his gun)
Excuse me, Jacques…

Dick — can you get me off the hook? For Ol’ Times’ sake?

Can’t do it, Jacky.

RTWT. Most amusing.

4 thoughts on “Today I Settle All Family Business”

  1. You know back when I was in college we did a massively parallel computer simulation of a million monkeys typing away for a million years but contrary to expectation we did not get any Shakespear…

    … just reams and reams of Marlow.

    One of my favorite jokes.

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