Spam of the Day

Just got an email from a Scotsman (I mean it’s written in dialect like somebody channeling grounds keeper Willie) who is threatening to eat a rabbit named Bernned (actual spelling) on New Years Eve if people don’t deposit a total of a 1,000,000 pounds by said date into his account.

For the first time in my decade long reading of spam I am sorely tempted to follow up on Spam link to just on the chance something creative might be going on.

In any case I am jealous.

I want to eat the Rabbit.

2 thoughts on “Spam of the Day”

  1. I hope he kills,skins, guts & cooks it before he eats it, but otherwise we can send the video of a scotsman eating a live rabbit to Zarqawi and tell him we’re sending a couple of regiments of highlanders to visit.

    Send one to PETA just to piss them off too.

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