David Johansen, Girls (1980)

Girls, girls, girls. It’s all I think about.

UPDATE: Three more songs from the same show:

Cool Metro, Frenchette, and Reach Out (I’ll Be There).

UPDATE II: Turns out this show was from 1980. My initial guess was 1978, since that was the year the album came out. These clips are from the German show Musik Laden. There are a ton of great clips from that show on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “David Johansen, Girls (1980)”

  1. I am thinking that the blog Chicago Boyz is the Rorschach Test of the Net, with such eclectic and open ended posts.

    However it is 05:43 and I’m comin’ up dry on this one.

  2. Jonathan: 33 years later, they probably don’t have any hair.

    Bill: Free associate, open your mind, it means whatever you want it to mean.

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