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  • Is this what you want, American voter?

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on August 27th, 2011 (All posts by )

    [W]e are faced not only with a huge short-term budget problem but with the prospect of a Western European future of an enlarged government, ever higher taxes and lower growth. Is that really what American voters want?

    Michael Barone


    10 Responses to “Is this what you want, American voter?”

    1. Michael Kennedy Says:

      This is such a critical election. I wish Ryan was running.

    2. Sherry Says:

      Evidently it is. That’s what keeps getting voted into office. That is also what keeps getting media promoted candidates elected.

    3. ErisGuy Says:

      “Is that really what American voters want?”

      Absolutely. Americans–for reasons opaque to me–have always admired EUropean ‘civilization.’* Even when it turned fascist (Pound), nazi (Lindbergh), and communist (Hiss, Oppenheimer…, eh, too many to list). Even now every single college graduate I know who is American (and I these days it’s about 50-50 among my acquaintances) admires the EU. Yeah, the EU. Most openly proclaim that America won’t really work until it has Socialism.

      American politicians favor EU Socialism (they’ll get raises and more power); American judges prefer EU Socialism (and cite foreign law in preference to American law); American intellectuals favor EU Socialism; and, yes, the American people favor EU Socialism, too, having voted for it year after year since 1932.

      Once America decided to lie down with dogs of EUrope, fleas were inevitable.

      * I believe America’s greatest mistakes were becoming involved in ‘entangling alliances’ with EUropean powers. My ideal solution to WW2 would have been Europe governed by Communism, the final solution of EUropean political theories. We foolishly fought wars to keep them from being governed by Kaisers, Duces, Fuhrers, General Secretaries, etc. etc. etc., and they will not be denied again. Let the EUropeans be governed as they wish to be governed.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      Many American voters are on the take as govt employees, union members, grant or subsidy recipients, contractors, crony capitalists, etc. Many of these people see reductions in govt spending as a personal threat.

      There are also many Americans who because of ideology or limited education see Western Europe as a model.

      And there are many Americans who don’t follow politics or current affairs closely and get their information mainly from leftist big media.

      The leftist establishment’s strategy, as Lex mentions elsewhere, is to sow FUD, fogging the debate with personal attacks and assertions that Tea Partiers are motivated by racial animosity and by intent to help big business at the expense of individuals. For example, I recently saw a car bearing a bumper sticker with this slogan. When you think about them logically and look at evidence the Left’s accusations against the Tea Party make no sense. However, they are effective in diverting attention away from excessive govt spending and debt, which are the core Tea Party issues.

      The fight to reclaim the country and its institutions from our political elite and its leftist allies will not be easy.

    5. Jim Miller Says:

      We are faced, in short, with Amerisclerosis.

      Some Americans will like it; others, especially young people looking for jobs in the private sector, won’t.

    6. Bill Brandt Says:

      Depends on whether you are on the giving side or the taking side.

    7. bill Says:

      Right now we are in palliative care … no life saving treatments allowed, just entitlement drugs to keep the majority sedated as they waste away. Half our society is now addicted, and become violent and irrational when any proposal is made to constrain their craving for more drugs. But the patient is dying because of too many entitlement drugs, not a fabricated cancer of capitalism.

      It seems Democrats have found the path to euthanizing our free society. They are the drug dealers/pimps/bookies that enslave innocents, first offering “gateway drugs”, then making them dependent on them for their next fix. As a society, we have now borrowed to the hilt, and taken equity out of the house, to pay for more meth. We haven’t told the spouse, especially not about the credit cards we maxed out in the kids’ names.

      The Tea Party may be the last chance for an intervention … but that is a little like David taking on Goliath, except Goliath is a junkie. Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley are the giants, jacked up on $600 trillion in derivative drugs. In a dirty back alley deal, our parent (government) underwrote them, selling the children into slavery. The spouse and kids have no idea how bad it is. They still assume the kids have that special college fund waiting for them, while bankruptcy or worse, is the reality.

      Anyway … the problem .. America is living in a unicorn dream world, and being confronted with facts, chooses denial. The left seems willing to manufacture a crisis, and to fund riots. Perhaps the first shots were fired in liberal Wisconsin, and for now we’ve held the line. But that stand was made only after the socialist enemy advanced and pillaged, deep in capitalist territory.

    8. Robert Schwartz Says:

      “I wish Ryan was running.”

      He isn’t. Deal with it. Besides it is not about the candidate, it is about the ideas. Let the Democrats worship candidates. Focus on the ideas. Further, the Democrats and the MSM will spare no effort to make the election about the candidates. They will slime the Republican candidate mercilessly and continually until the election. But, our focus needs to be on the country, the economy, and the ideas:

      * Fiscal Responsibility
      * Constitutionally Limited Government
      * Free Markets

    9. fiona Says:

      And don’t focus solely on Presidential candidates – if we are going to pull this one out, we need better people down ticket. Think locally! Don’t let the timeservers slip past – fight every election for good candidates. This is a multi year process; don’t expect it to be easy!

    10. elf Says:

      Is this what you want? Well, they vote for it year after year. Yes, they want their “entitlements” and their programs.


      * Fiscal Responsibility
      * Constitutionally Limited Government
      * Free Markets

      Yes, as long as it’s someone else being responsible, your program is not limited, and the returns are free but Uncle Sugar is there if your free market activity fails.

      Votes are nice, but guns and money decide matters. Global Bankruptcy will bring change and a functional govt – which I don’t think will be nearly as free or just as this one, but it will be stronger. Because the strongest win a struggle.

      Below – the actual platform – Combat is shock, the side that recovers first wins. Grow up – fast.

      *Global Bankruptcy
      *Government by the Strongest
      *Winner take all markets