R&D and Drug Costs

Some of the issues relating to drug research and costs (and the politics of these issues) discussed a few weeks ago on Chicagoboyz are analyzed in a new TCS article by Sally Pipes and Benjamin Zycher.

3 thoughts on “R&D and Drug Costs”

  1. peter,

    “No numbers, only empty words.”

    Are you sure you read the article. Every paragraph contains numbers refuting Angells arguments.

    Angell has a problem very common to those on the Left. She has absolutely no idea how large scale economic institutions like corporations work. She assumes that because she is a very smart person that she understands everything, not just her narrow speciality. The huge numbers of investors and managers who collectively create our massive economy are really just idiots who don’t understand how things really work but a medical doctor with no business experience can just waltz in and tell everybody how to do everything better.

    The arrogance of these people is just stunning.

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