Round #1

And the early returns give a slight edge to John Kerry for Debate #1. Not only did the Bush InTrade numbers ease, but stock index futures also fell as Kerry eked out a thin margin of victory tonight. Last count: Dow down 20 points and S&P’s down 2 1/2, once again proving that free markets are unbeatable forecasting tools.

2 thoughts on “Round #1”

  1. ALthough Kerry was the stronger speaker, riding mostly on media-generated fallacies and populism, Bush scored a lot of good, concise points, espec his point that an America president is there to serve and protect the American people first and foremost, not the international community. And Kerry did make comments during the debate which were base contradictory to his previous reported comments on the same issue, although his strong voice tended to cover up his defects. Dubya started out good or strong, then weakened towards the middle, but recovered well towards the end as Kerry himself likely became fatigued and started babbling, mixing topics and sentences and jumping here and there! I’ll give this first debate a tie score but Dubya needs to practice more, espec to counter “halting” in the middle of a sentence. Kerry has the better voice but needs to stop relying on the LeftMedia’s news articles on Dubya and start presenting his own plan for America’s future, instead of slightly mod what Dubya is already doing! KERRY’S BIG BIG NEGATIVE WAS MAKING IT CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT FRANCE, GERMANY, RUSSIA, CHINA, ETC, THOSE STATES WHO CRITICIZED DUBYA AND AMERICA AT THE UNO AND REFUSED TO HELP AMERICA, WERE MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM AND ANY KERRYITE AMERICA, AS DISTINCT, SEPARATE, AND PREFERRED, THAN THE REST OF THE SO-CALLED “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY”!

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