Weather Girls

Every day I get up at Oh Dark Thirty and trudge to the salt mines to make a few kopeks to keep the bill collectors at bay. I usually pick up a sugary soda (real sugar, mind you) and a couple of hard boiled eggs on the way, make my way to work and plunk myself down to blast away at my typically filled inbox. I get more done in the two hours before my employees show up than I do the rest of the day.

Along with my breakfast of champions described above I give myself one other guilty pleasure to start my day off. The Weather Girls. Every day I get my forecast delivered by several cute Asian ladies (I think these are actually Taiwanese). The forecast is always wrong, the cities are out of order and I don’t understand a word of what they say. Like it matters.

Today’s forecast was special. Tell me if you can see anything, well, unusual in this clip.

[youtube Y5AMRNYuqyk Weather Girls]

11 thoughts on “Weather Girls”

  1. That is great. They should have one that is constantly updated, and rotate different girls in, and have it going all day. The synchronization on the “dancing” is not too great, but that does lend a certain charm.

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