Eating Good in the Neighborhood

For your weekend delectation … excellent eating, in San Antonio and environs:

On the grill at Easy Picken’s BBQ, in Harper, Texas. Alas, they don’t have a website, and are only open Fridays and weekends … but the grilled meats are sublime.

Crabcake at High’s Cafe, in Comfort.

Chicken Fried Steak  at the Hanging Tree Restaurant, Goliad, Texas

Fish and chips and peas, at British Sensations, in San Antonio. They’ve moved around a bit. Currently they’re on Jones Maltsburger near Thousand Oaks, and have no website. But the food is scrumptious.

Personal pizza at Cerroni’s Purple Garlic, in San Antonio. Pizza, pasta and sandwiches — all fantastically good.

Basic ‘burger at Sam’s Burger Joint, on Broadway in San Antonio.  Yes, it’s big. You have been warned.

Kettle-made potato chips, from a booth at the Boerne Farmer’s Market.

Carnitas, at Erick’s Tacos, in San Antonio. Look out for the green sauce. It isn’t guacamole, and it’s guaranteed to burn off your nose hairs.

All right then … and I didn’t even get into the sausage, BBQ chicken and brisket from that little smokehouse in Boerne which is cunningly disguised as a gas station quicki-mart, or the Indian take-out from another grocery-store deli also disquised as a quicki-mart… or the simple joys of a real San Antonio breakfast taco, otherwise known as the breakfast food of the gods. Next time, maybe.

11 thoughts on “Eating Good in the Neighborhood”

  1. It is all good – but the most fantastic brisket close to town is at the Riverside Market in Boerne: the Texaco on Main Street just at the bridge over the River. Gas pumps out front, the usual quicki-mart groceries and sundries … but in the back of the store is the meat market. Whole roasted chicken, brisket by the pound, sausage … heaven on a plate.

  2. Lovely post.

    As one who has yet to set foot in the south I have imagined that legitimate chicken fried steak could only be consumed in a southern state. So therefore I have yet to sample legit chicken fried steak myself. Seduced by that photo, but I would’ve thought the gravy would be thicker.

  3. I just had a great pile of brisket at Angelo’s in Fort Worth. I hear they haven’t changed a thing in a half century or more. It looked that way, but I wasn’t there for ambience, I wanted the real deal and I got it.

  4. When I visit my friend in Waco we usually go outside to the metropolis of Cyclone where you experience a most unusual thing. You walk into the Cyclone BBQ and see just a little bar with a deer head over a doorway – walk though that doorway and you see a football sized area with it seems over a hundred tables with the red and white checkerboard pattern – no walls just roof – and c & w playing. They will have a mister spray along trhe edges because of the heat –

    You pay a fixed price and get all the ribs and brisket you want.

    Beer is optional but that is where I learned to like Shiner Bock. (for some reason it is more expensive out here than the beer from Europe and Japan!)

    It is a real Texas BBQ joint, open 6 months out of the year.

  5. Thanks Sgt. Mom! I’ve lived in Boerne for a number of years and did not know about the meat market in the back of the Texaco station at Main & River Road. The wife and I go to High’s most every week, and will soon make a trip to Harper and some of the other places you’ve listed.

  6. You’ll love it, TxBubba … the disguise as a Texaco station is so complete, that most people wouldn’t know until they walked in the door and inhaled. And their home-made jerkey is pretty good, too.

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