11 thoughts on “So, now they tell me … Herman Cain?”

  1. I like Michelle Bachmann but also like Herman. I liked Perry until I learned about his stance on illegals. I’ll vote for whoever the nominee is. Heck I’ll vote for my dog over Obama – like Silent Cal, says little but does a lot.

    Trouble is out here in lala land, the thing is pretty well decided by the time we get it.

    Couldn’t think of anything to say about the Costco chicken.

  2. @Bill – I am in the same place as you in that most of these primaries are over before they get to my state.

    To the point of the post, I love Herman Cain. I can’t think of anything I would love more than to see the Once and Cain debate.

  3. It was up to Perry to make any such defense and he failed, so far.

    He’s finished, barring a miracle.

    Odds are this Cain boomlet will cause the minor candidates to identify his weakeses attack him, like they did to Perry.

    So enjoy Cain’s moment.

    Odds are it will be short.

    I hope I am wrong.

  4. I think you are overweighting debates.

    Also, there is a lot of simplistic thinking in the movement-conservative position on immigration. The fact that a successful border-state governor has a different view suggests that the conventional view is flawed more than it suggests Perry is unelectable.

    There is a year left. I think it’s too soon to write off any of the candidates.

  5. I’m with Bill – any of them would be OK with me at this point. But watching Cain run against whomever the Dems nominate — and the CBC and other lib-progressives turn themselves into pretzels explaining why he’s just the wrong sort of black — that would be awesome!

  6. These debates determine who is “up” in terms of fundraising. Most of these candidates are already dead. Romney has it unless someone can challenge him. Bachman briefly looked like a contender, but she’s done. Perry failed to stop him, and he is now probably done, too. Cain probably will follow a similar path. I am thinking more and more that the GOP presidential candidate is a distraction. Whoever it is will be better than Mr. Obama, so don’t worry about it. Making sure we have a Tea Party Congress in 2012 is more important. Let the conflict be between a corporatist Republican in the White House and a populist Congress down the street, with the Ds putting ice on their bruises and looking for an angle.

  7. If Herman Cain becomes a high-profile candidate, it is going to shed some fascinating light on class and status issues. Cain is a Morehouse Man…a good school from what I’ve heard, but not a traditional Ivy League. He doesn’t have a law degree, he has math and computer science degrees.

    All of this will be quite disturbing to a category of people who would like to think of themselves as a permanant ruling class.

  8. @David Foster –

    Those are all plusses for me. Look at the shape of the country after all those Ivy League Presidents had their go. I think that is just one of the reason for the vitriol against Palin – she certainly isn’t Ivy League and that, to me, is a plus

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