Don’t Put Up With Any Crap

So I’m in DC for work. It is basically all the time in the office. I get a rare chance to get outdoors. I’m walking down the street. I get to the corner of 16th and P.

There is some guy there who has just pulled a pair of Bush / Cheney signs off a lightpole and is putting them in a trash can. He’s with his girlfriend, and they are laughing about this. He’s maybe 25 year old, tall guy in one of these leatherette looking jackets.

I’m instantly irate.

I pull them out of the trash ,just as he’s putting them in there. “Thanks. I’ll take those. I’ve got a use for these signs.” I am loud. I can be heard by passersby and the people waiting for the bus. He just smirks at me. That sets me off “What the f*ck do you think your doing, pulling these signs down?” I am now making a scene. Him: “Hey, it’s a free country.” Me: “So you can sh*t on other people’s free speech in a free country? Your behavior is f*cking outrageous.” I am bellowing. He said something in return but I turned around and kept walking.

I’m too old to get in a fistfight with some kid who’d mop the floor with me.

I gave one of the signs away. The other one is up in my office now.

Too many Democrats think there are no rules this year. Simple as that.

Don’t sit on your hands when you see abusive behavior.



Raise Hell.

Make a scene.

Don’t put up with any crap.

(BTW, If I saw a guy taking down a Kerry sign I’d have reamed him out, said, “hey, I’m voting for Bush and you are making us all look bad, play it straight, man.” But you know what? I’m not going to see that, am I? I’ll tell you what I’m going to see. I’m going to see an increasing level of vandalism and fraud and intimidation by the Donks leading up to this election. Don’t sit still for it if — when — you see it.)

11 thoughts on “Don’t Put Up With Any Crap”

  1. Good on you Lex.

    I should call pre- and WWII Germany (see The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shrirer is the author’s name I believe) “The Great Example” because I seem to always use it as a touchstone, but doesn’t the fanactic attitude of that guy the remind one of the early days of Hitler’s run?

  2. Not quite that bad yet. Just a guy who is absolutely sure he is right and that the other side are a bunch of idiots.

    But let’s not let it get to that point.

  3. Good for you. The little larvae stage leftist deserved some upbraiding.

    The left seems to believe that it is still in possession of some level of moral authority that classical liberalism provided it, but someone needs to write the memo explaining that whatever moral authority the left thinks it retains, well, it was exhausted a few decades ago.

    Somehow “the ends justify the means” lives on.

  4. Glad you did something.
    I wish that words like Elizabeth Edwards’ (“there won’t be any riots if we win”) weren’t bouncing around; also don’t like shots to Republican headquarters. And I wonder how much that “means” ethic has been absorbed by MSM.

  5. Yes, well done. Maybe the fellow will reconsider his behavior. I did something like what he did, once, when I was in college. In my case it was my lefty girlfriend, who was with me at the time, who took me to task for it. I never did it again, and am ashamed when I think about it. Maybe your in-your-face response to his behavior will have some benefit in the long run.

  6. lex, goo don you. BTW, you needen’t have worried, most leftist types are vegan, cowardly types, and if I fistfight were to have broken out, you would have won handily!!!!

  7. This kind of behavior seems more and more common these days. And it’s not just political signs. My car got keyed the other day, and I met someone else who got the same treatment in the same town, same day. I am wondering if having a nice expensive car qualifies as a Bush/Cheney sign in the disturbed minds of hateful jerks.

    It did remind me of that American kid in Singapore who was going to get caned, to the moral outrage of the offended police over here. Turns out he had keyed a car or two. All of sudden, I am finding the punishment perfectly appropriate. It’d work with tearing down signs too.

  8. They may steal my signs,they may brake my car’s window and they may yell behind my back or show me the bird,none will change the outcome of my vote for Bush/Cheney.
    In a way,I’m glad the libs are going berserk in public places.
    Moderates are either writing Nader into their ballots or they are staying home on Nov 2nd.

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