I am Finished Worrying

Don’t get me wrong.

I will be terribly upset if Bush loses. I don’t like the trend on Tradesports. I’d like to see Bush looking stronger. All kinds of awful things can happen.

But I have decided that I am doing myself no favors obsessing about it, which I have been doing.

I already voted. Work prevents me from volunteering. I’ve done all I can.

I am going stop looking at the Internet completely until this is over, after I post this. I don’t have a TV or a radio accessible where I am, which is helpful.

I am going to total electronic silence until election night, as of right now.

I’m going to leave the office and take a walk. It looks like it is a pleasant evening in our nation’s capital. I am going pray the Rosary. I am going to ask Our Lady to watch over this country and ask God Almighty to grant what I am asking, if that is His will for us.

I’ll be back with something on the blog sometime after the election.

God bless my fellow ChicagoBoyz and Grrls, and all of our readers, friends and enemies.

And God bless America.

11 thoughts on “I am Finished Worrying”

  1. I speculate that the drop
    at tradesport is someone
    again trying to influence the market.
    the change was way too fast.

  2. It’s on intrade too. ABC reported appartent footage of the HMX in a bunker during april. I don’t think this will hurt bush too much though. I think this will recover tomarrow.

  3. Geez, the board is up, down, up down. I agree, it seems way too fast to me. I don’t trust any of these stupid oracles anymore, the electronic markets are not only can be manipulated, the more notoriety they get they more they are a target for it, for people hoping to create self-fulfilling prophecies. And I read today that pollsters are reporting extremely low response rates in their polls, raising big questions as to their accuracy.

    Next week can’t come soon enough.

  4. Perhaps this is why the intrade is flucuating. Lex, you might remember the people of Iraq in your prayer. They need God’s help too.

    LONDON (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed in violence since the U.S.-led invasion last year, American public health experts have calculated in a report that estimates there were 100,000 “excess deaths” in 18 months.

    The rise in the death rate was mainly due to violence and much of it was caused by U.S. air strikes on towns and cities.

    “Making conservative assumptions, we think that about 100,000 excess deaths, or more have happened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq,” said Les Roberts of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in a report published online by The Lancet medical journal

    “The use of air power in areas with lots of civilians appears to be killing a lot of women and children,” Roberts told Reuters. …

    “We were not expecting the level of deaths from violence that we found in this study and we hope this will lead to some serious discussions of how military and political aims can be achieved in a way that is not so detrimental to civilians populations,” he told Reuters in an interview.

    Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, said the research which was submitted to the journal earlier this month had been peer-reviewed…

    Complete Story Here,

  5. I am suspicious of the Lancet story, or, more precisely, of the attempt to make a political point with it. Reuters? The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health? I don’t trust either institution when it comes to politically sensitive topics. Who did they use to administer the survey, how were the surveyors paid, were the people who answered scared of what would happen if they appeared to favor the Americans, did any of the people who designed the survey have experience taking polls in Arab countries — lots of questions. Also, the figure of 100k civilians killed sounds awfully high. Coming out so soon before the election, I can’t take this one at face value.

  6. How the hell do you figure out what are “excess deaths” in a country with God knows (certainly the Europeans don’t) how many mass graves and one upon whom the entire “criminal element” was let out to prey on the citizenry as our troops marched in. (I am not saying that America doesn’t put too many people in prison, but, frankly, I’d tend to lock my doors a bit more often if suddenly Huntsville (60 miles from us) let out all its prisoners – from the minor drug dealers to the guys on death row.)
    And we do pray for the Iraqis – after all, it is the Iraqis who are choosing to become policemen and join the army because they long for the rule of law and not of the Hussein family’s whims. That is what they had and I suspect they know the difference better than this poster does (and, of course, than I).

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