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Arafat’s slide into illness has raised fears of chaos among Palestinians, whose 4-year-old uprising for a state has stalled.

Of course there wasn’t much chaos under Arafat’s orderly, benevolent rule, just as there wasn’t any chaos in Iraq under Saddam or Afghanistan under the Taliban. Yeah, chaos, that’s the worst outcome possible. Better to have some of that nice stability like they used to have.

Bring on the chaos — and the freedom and opportunity.

(via Michael Totten)

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  1. So they’re afraid that they’ll slide from the fifth circle to the seventh?

    I say, since they have a good thing going already, to pull out all stops and head straight to the ninth circle.

    I mean, damned if you do, damned if you don’t right?

  2. Chaos amongst whom? The various terrorist groups? Now wouldn’t that be a shame if they started killing each other instead of, like, innocent civilians?

  3. We may have already seen the model for the resolution of the problem of Palestine – Fallujah.

    There are undoubtedly decent people among the former Jordanian and Egyptian nationals who occupy the area now called Palestine; the difficulty is giving them a common goal to replace the extermination of Jews. Perhaps letting them wallow in brutality, lawlessness and despotism – just a Fallujah did – is the remedy. It won’t be pretty, but when a wound is as diseased as the Palestinian culture, cauterization may be the only cure.

    Chaos may be the price they have to pay to achieve civilization.

  4. David/CA:

    Well, Gaza in particular has been “wallow[ing] in brutality, lawlessness and despotism” for nearly as long as there has been a PA. Arafat’s replacement is unlikely to make things enough worse to make a break.

    There are plenty of countries that fail to achieve civilization. Palestine isn’t even a near miss.

    Allah in his mercy may find a leader with at least a bit of sense of shame, who would do a bit more for the whole PA and a little less for his own tribe, organization or cronies.

    Matya no baka

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