Squeal, Piggy!

Bismark famously said that people who like legislation and sausage should never watch either being made. I am reminded of this as I watch all the lawyers, paranoid poll-watchers and others ranting around today.

Democracy is such an ugly business and American democracy more than all the others. It’s hard to think of a more over-the-top, hysterics prone decision-making system. If most democracy is like watching sausage making then American democracy is like watching someone make sausage while the pig is still in a position to register its objections.

And yet it works.

1 thought on “Squeal, Piggy!”

  1. Paranoid poll watchers? Ha, in Northern California, they didn’t even bother checking my ID at both registration and the polling booth. I even held it out both times and they didn’t even make an attempt to glance at it. Reassuring.

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