The suspense is killing me!

Jeez, I never stress over election but this time I just had to make a prediction in public and now my fragile, fragile ego is bound up in the results!

Could be worse. I could be a soldier in Iraq wondering if the insurgents and terrorist will go ape-shit the the moment they hear Kerry won.

Yeah, that kind of puts it all in perspective.

25 thoughts on “Arrrrggggh!”

  1. Dang – was afraid of that….still at work and that site is very much netnannied….

    BTW – wanted to say THANK YOU for having it up. Has been fascinating to watch during this election.

  2. IEM following right along……11 v 89 ~ 51%

    How long until the “Rove leaked those early numbers” rumors start – or have they already?

  3. Even MSNBC is now practically calling it over. There was a few moments where the other networks were holding out, but it looks like the dominoes have fallen.

  4. I dumped my Kerry 2004 tradesport shares. I was going to allow that to be my consolation prize if he won, but I’m going to go ahead and cut my losses before it reaches zero.

    Luckily I hedged my bet by purchasing Bush.2004 when it’s price crashed late this afternoon. ;)

    I should make about $4.00.

  5. With a 3%-point lead for Bush in popular vote nationally, Democrats would be stupid to challenge Ohio’s outcome in courts. If Florida is an indication, next time Ohio will definitely not vote Democratic.

    But you never know … Democrats have developed a skill for political suicide since 2000.

  6. Why would it be stupid ? Gore was ahead by half a million vote, was Bush stupid to challenge his opponents ?

    If Bush’s margin of victory is smaller than the number of provisional ballots, that’s where things get messy and both sides will make it ugly. One little step at a time.

  7. Sulaiman, Gore may have started but there were challenges and actions on both sides. The point is that the President is NOT chosen by popular vote.

    Like the stock market, the US electoral system has a way to put everybody in their place. Republicans, who have been saying how great the Electoral College system is. And Democrats, who have whining about the illegetimacy of being President when behind by 500,000 of the popular vote are now keen on counting everything right when they’re 3.5 million behind.

    You could cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

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