And now, Chicago Moonbats

You might want to steer clear of federal plaza today (11/3). The less restrained portion of the Kerry coalition will be protesting the Iraq war at 5 pm. This is part of a 30 city protest tour today. Chicago festivities will continue with a two day protest against bankers, Thursday and Friday. Hopefully the violence will be kept to a minimum.

6 thoughts on “And now, Chicago Moonbats”

  1. That’s when you want to find the t-shirt version of that bumper sticker I saw this morning : “I voted for Kerry before I voted against him”. Assuming self-preservation is not a priority, of course.

  2. International bankers in top hats! Imperialist conspiracies! The Elders of Zion! Yup, these guys have reality pegged, and who can ignore their insightful geopolitical analysis? At least they’re out on the streets with the pigeons, not interfering with their less enlightened fellow citizens who are actually trying to be productive.

  3. “Creative resistance” and “Street Theatre”? Geez, too bad it’s at 5:00 PM, gonna have to miss it. These idiots don’t even realize that those burning the midnight oil are holed up in the office, and everyone else is either home or on the way. I can only assume they don’t have a feel for the timing of the Chicago Loop workplace because they have likely “opted out” of the workforce.

  4. Thanks to international bankers and big bad corporations, we live in the most bountiful time in human history. I say we couterprotest and march in support of those international banker. Who’s with me? Hey hey ho ho, give me more of that dough…

  5. Open Letter To Kerriacs, Leftists and assorted Marxists:

    Flee! Flee! Flee for your lives! Bushitler has won! Take only what you can easily carry. Head for Canada. Algore and Michael will join you there. Don’t delay. Don’t look back – Ashcroft is nipping at your heels!

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