Cry Me a River

I’m a political blogger that happens to live in Ohio, a battleground state during this week’s election. So when I heard that European observers were going to be over here, keeping an eye on things, I wanted to interview them.

I tracked down the name Soeren Soendergaard, one of the top guys that was going to be here in Ohio. I sent him an Email, politely and with all respect, requesting that he and members of his team allow me to briefly interview them for my blog. I made sure to mention that anything I wrote was going to be positive, respectful, supportive. And it was a perfect example for him to make his case to the people of Ohio. (What the hell, maybe I could sell something to, I dunno, NRO or something.)

I received a very curt reply, saying that I would be contacted when the team was settled and had time for the press. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

So I heard squat. Repeated queries got bumpkiss. There goes my dream of getting paid for blogging. (And let me tell you, I could really use some of that sweet media cash.)

Then I see this news item. My ol’ buddy Soeren is royally pissed because he was refused entry to some polling places here in my home town.

He said he had been personally refused admission at three out of four polling stations in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s the limit of arrogance,” complained the left-wing deputy, representing the 55-nation OSCE, a pan-European body of which the US is a member and whose duties include monitoring elections to ensure fair play.

Heh. I love that. Soeren is refused entry to US voting areas and “It’s the limit of arrogance.”

You know, I’m having trouble working up any sympathy for these guys.

PS I see that Soeren is a Socialist. He must have read all those posts I wrote here where I mock Canadian health care.

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  1. I didn’t know you lived in Columbus. So do I. E-mail me off line I’ll buy you lunch.

    There was nobody guarding the door at my precinct, Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley. And there was a precinct at the Anderson’s on Brice Road where I went to shop in the afternoon. They were not stopping anybody from wandering in there.

    If you don’t shop at Anderson’s you should. Best selection and prices on wine and beer in the city.

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