Fallujah Begins

CBS News is reporting that the assault on Fallujah has begun with the bloodless seizing of Fallujah’s main hospital by Iraqi troops. Did I call it or what?

The strategy seems to be to deprive the insurgents of symbolic defensive positions, like hospitals, schools and mosques. Most of the civilian population has also left the city. Unable to shield themselves behind either civilians or sacred buildings, the insurgents won’t stand up to Coalition firepower and tactics long.

I expect this fight to take less than a week.

5 thoughts on “Fallujah Begins”

  1. Dear Ms. Love,

    I pray for the safety of our troops and allies in this important battle — and for victory.

    I have never served in the military, so the following comment is presumptuous. I’m referring to the standoff a number of weeks ago when Muqtada al Sadr and hundreds of his supporters were surrounded in an important mosque in Najaf. As you say, it’s likely that our enemies will again use symbolic sites as cover in Fallujah.

    Our enemies were sealed inside this mosque. At the time, I hoped we would have cut off the water, electricity, and all other utilities to the mosque, and jammmed the inhabitant’s cellular and other communications. I think this might have been an effective approach. The enemy couldn’t have maintained their stand for many days, and the building would have been spared damage at our hands.

    To any readers with a military background, would this be a sound approach?


    Phillip Moss.

  2. No, that’ll just make them think we’re weak. It’s John Kerry’s approach in wanting to fight a more sensitive war on terror. I think the only way to deal with terrorists is to use overwhelming force to destroy them, make them think twice in the future before doing something similar.

  3. Any ideas how many insurgents remain in Fallujah? If I were one I’d leave before such well publicized assaults, blend in with the non-insurgents, and when it was over return to do some more terror bombing

  4. If you could get through, of course. I’m sure the guys that have been stationed around the city have been looking very closely at anyone and everyone of fighting age trying to leave.

    They’re not stupid, after all…

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