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  1. The US FAA identified five psychological characteristics of dangerous pilots:

    Impulsivity..”do something-quickly!”

    Invulnerability..”it won’t happen to me!”

    Macho..”I can do it!”

    Resignation..”What’s the use?”

    Anti-authority..”Don’t tell me!”

    “Resignation” in this context is basically the same as fatalism. One might think that the “Macho” and “Resignation” attributes would not coexist in the same person, but I suspect that they often do, just at different points in the thought chain leading to an accident.

  2. “As defense analyst Colin Gray Writes in a recent book about the near-term possibilities of major conflict, ‘Another Bloody Century,’* when considering optimism and pessimism, ‘optimism is apt to kill with greater certainty.’

    — “Fear of China” by Robert D. Kaplan in The Wall Street Journal, on page A14, on April 21, 2006.

    * ISBN 0297846272

  3. David,

    I think that this kind of resignation would only come at the point of near total exhaustion when all available options have been exhausted. Should he (almost certainly a male person) survive the incident in question he’d only need a night of good sleep to get over it. You probably read Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff”, so you’ll see what I mean. :)


    I don’t see think that pessimism and fatalism are one and the same. You can be pessimistic and still be determined to do everything you can to ensure a positive outcome. ‘Running scared’ even if you have no overt reason to be worried is one ingredient of success, I think.

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