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  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

    Posted by Jonathan on November 18th, 2011 (All posts by )

    …but you can photograph them.

    Abstract view of a goldendoodle dog sleeping. (Jonathan Gewirtz)


    5 Responses to “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…”

    1. Tatyana Says:

      where the dog ends and rug starts?

    2. Bill Brandt Says:

      Good question Tatyana! I was going to do some errands – minus the dog – and he started barking – running – when I was ready to go – so he got to go.

      Stopped at In -N- Out where I got a hamburger and they made a paddy for him.

      All in all Toby had a good time ;-)

    3. Bill Brandt Says:

      …then it hit me. Your dog looks like Fozzie Bear of the Muppets.

    4. Tatyana Says:

      we have to see his face to judge the resemblance.

      But – yeah, I wish it was my dog.

    5. Gerry from Valpo Says:

      Wuff Wuff. Wuff.