6 thoughts on “Right-wing Bush Administration censorship”

  1. The bigger problem with the ad is not the suggestiveness of it, but rather the marketing strategy which moves it from a treatment drug to an enhancement drug. Like “cosmetic neurology”, we’re going to have to face the issue of drugs which make “normal” people better than they ever were (greater memory, reflexes, attention span, etc.)

    The FDA’s most important complaint was that the ad never mentioned E.D.– Do we want to open the door for enhancement drugs?

  2. Tony,

    The spam filter didn’t mean anything personal by it, honest! Anyway, glad you figured it out. I might listen to the ACLU if they helped to administer this blog, but so far all they do is make nosy comments and ask for money.

    My favorite ED-drug commercial was the one where the guy is tossing the football through the swinging tire while his woman gives him the come-hither eye. Nothing sexually suggestive there. Ha.

    BTW, what gives the FDA authority to censor speech?

  3. I thought that the concern was also that the ad didn’t mention side effects and of the medicine. IIRC, when the FCC permitted drug companies to begin advertising on television, part of the agreement was full disclosure on what the drug treats and on any side effects or warnings associated with it. The “Wild Thing” ad did neither.

    Personally, I thought it was a pretty effective marketing tool. I wonder if they were to put a low talker in at the end that rushed through all of the “legalese” in order to make the ad conform if the FCC would have an issue with it.

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