A reader left a comment and a link at this post, where I talk about how a friend of mine named Charles is dying of cancer after an active life spent as a sportsman. The link was to this news story, which talks about an incident where a man wearing hunting gear was asked to leave private land. The trespasser opened fire on the owner and his guests who were there at the time. 5 people are dead, and three others are wounded.

What did my anonymous reader want to say about this terrible act of murder?

“I say give ┬┤em all the guns they want.”

I’ve seen this attitude before, most recently amongst supporters of England’s ban on fox hunting. The rhetoric can get pretty thick, with people who want to ban hunting comparing it to rape or serial killing. When innocent human beings are murdered while taking part in the sport, they can’t help but let their satisfaction show through childish gloating.

Considering the post where he left his comment, the only thing I can say is that my reader is very wise to remain nameless. I’m sure that he would come up 2nd best if compared to Charles in any way, and no one wants to be humiliated.

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  1. You must remember that the reason for messing about with this bill of trivia was to deflect UK and world attention for the fact that the NL (National Labour, nsted of National Socialist) government in Britain was putting through an enabling act on the same day; the Civil Contingencies Act.

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