Incredible Idea

We’ve got a coalition in Iraq. They’re the Coalition of the Willing.

Not all of the Coalition members sent combat troops. (To be fair, not all of the members have combat troops that can be deployed outside of their borders.) But they all contribute vital support, and they all are helping us and the Iraqi people out in a dark time.

Persnickety of Ordinary Galoot has a great suggestion. Since they’re showing their support for us, why doesn’t the individual US citizen show their support for our allies?

How can we do that? Why, simply buy a few Christmas gifts from businesses that are from countries that belong to the Coalition!

I think one of the best ideas is one of these food hampers from England. Pick through their selection of fine foods in order to get the right stuff for your favorite picnic partner.

People think that former Communist countries only produce low-tech, inelegant, ugly crap, similar to the (well deserved) reputation that Taiwan suffered under in the 1960’s. This is simply not so! Persnickety found this lovely set of wine goblets with the Amtrak logo tastefully etched into them. Just the thing for the train enthusiast on your list. (She forgot to mention CZ firearms, which are very fine guns at competitive prices.)

She also found this lovely (and expensive) hand cut vase from Poland. For something less pricey but still elegant and classy, check out the mustard museum from Azerbaijan. They have a great selection of mail order items available at their online gift shop, but don’t forget to check out the sidebar on the left side of the page. Plenty of individual items for sale that aren’t featured on the gift shop page.

Even if you don’t support our presence in Iraq, you have to admit that promoting capitalism and economic growth in former Warsaw Pact states is something that’s worth doing. Just buy something from them in order to help them keep Communism from re-emerging and you can be assured that your dollars are doing good in the world.

5 thoughts on “Incredible Idea”

  1. Polish crystal can be pretty nice. My red wine goblets are Polish, though i don’t remember the manufacturer’s name any more. Good balance, nice closing at the top to trap the nose, and they sing when i wash them.

    Matya no baka

  2. Great idea – I will now be even more proud of my Czech-made crystal than I already was, and will keep an eye out for more as presents this Christmas.

    Oh, and don’t forget to buy Australian once in a while ;)

    Trevor, Melbourne Australia. (Though I have friends in Chicago!)

    P.S. You provide a link to a Coalition of the Willing web page, which I compiled. The more up-to-date version is at our new domain:

  3. I can vouch for CZ firearms (I have a CZ75BD), and would gladly accept another as a gift, if it would benefit the Coalition of the Willing.

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