4 thoughts on “The Zombies, Going to a Go Go (1966) [Live]”

  1. When I was skinny, and until I turned 30, I used to spend my last years’ eve parties in places like that. With people dressed like that. Dancing to music like that – although I definitely prefer super-uptempo Northern Soul and Mod power-pop to ye-ye and and other 60s white-people music.
    Today, I’ve spent the day not traveling to some far town looking for an obscure club but in my kitchen, preparing 4 kilos of lasagna with lamb ragout (and plenty of mozzarella, ricotta and parmigiano) and a couple of kilos of abbacchio brodettato (http://www.tangoitalia.com/recipes_ice/recipe_agnello_brodettato.htm, but I use duck fat instead of lard and prosciutto) for tonight dinner.
    You have to Keep The Faith someway, even if the age and weight battles are lost, don’t you? Viva la vita!

    My best wishes to you all, your families and friends – and thank you, Lex, for the music.

  2. Viva la vita, Sejo.

    The point of life is life, freedom, adventure, creativity, music, books, art, friendship, family, love.

    Politics and power are mostly obstacles. I wish they were less important.

    We must not get so engrossed in the struggle that we forget the goals.

    Hence, for me, the occasional music post, like this, to see and hear youth, energy, creativity, excitement. Other people are inspired by many different things. You and I seem to have similar musical taste.

    I would like to try both of those dishes you are making.

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