Diplomad is on Fire!

The authors of group blog The Diplomad has been very critical of the United Nations in the past, but right now I figure they’d volunteer to drive the bulldozers if we kicked them out of New York and wanted to turn the complex into a parking lot for our SUV’s.

What got them so upset? The UN’s response to the tsunami disaster in Asia.

They got to grumbling a little bit when the UN started to claim that the US wasn’t doing enough. But then the authors, who have a man on the ground in one of the ravaged countries, started to wonder when the United Nations was actually going to show up.

But they really started to get up a head of steam when the United Nations started to take credit for the work that the American military was doing.

There’s lots more there, such as the tale of a UN team that arrived in one of the tsunami ravaged countries, set up shop in a 5 star hotel and demanded that the hotel staff provide 24 hour catering.

I can’t do justice to it. Just click on this link and keep scrolling down.

3 thoughts on “Diplomad is on Fire!”

  1. Great site! Blogs are the desperately needed antidote to the PC groupthink of journalists, academicians, and bureaucrats.

  2. Yes, I started reading Diplomad too when he started covering the UN coordinating the Tsunami relief. Good site. Nothing like shine of day light to make those coachroaches scramble.

  3. Keeping the media heat on the U.N. – The U.N. has just charged its corrupt agency, the FAO, with “preparing assistance programmes for the repair and replacement of fishing vessels and landing facilities and for the restoration of sustainable livelihoods in the fisheries sector.” [From recent U.N. press release from ROME, on the 13 January (FAO) (www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2005/sag311.doc.htm): SAG/311
    Marine Fisheries, Aquaculture
    Infrastructure in Many Coastal Areas Destroyed, Damaged”]

    Dennis Boyle, In his January 14th piece on NRO entitled “Criminal Complaints” (www.nationalreview.com/europress/boyles200501141026.asp), confirms Diplomad’s U.N. skepticism by detailing the corruption he witnessed in the U.N.’s FAO Somalia famine relief during the ’90’s.

    The web’ll keep the healing light on this corrupt enterprise.
    Thanks, James

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