Oh, this is going to be a cheerful Monday…

So tomorrow (Monday) morning there’s going to be a new pact signed in Brussels at the EU leaders’ summit which basically wrests more fiscal power away from Greece, and turns it over to a “Eurozone budget commissioner”. Here in Ireland, the current government is going to sign on with the understanding that it won’t need to ratify it with the people (75% of whom are hankering for a vote). According to the Independent, President Higgins can refer it to the Supreme Court for a legal test. I doubt he’ll do it – he’s a Labour man and his party is currently sharing power with Fine Gael. All should make for hours of exciting Eurocrisis soap opera on the radio…

1 thought on “Oh, this is going to be a cheerful Monday…”

  1. I wonder how many European citizens would vote for the EU today.

    And it seems the Greeks wanted the benefits of being in the EU without the responsibilities.

    Wonder where it will be 10 years from now.

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