5 thoughts on “Just sayin’”

  1. “It´s hard to get his ideas play in a culture (here in Ireland and I would reckon in the UK as well) that for the most part still treats political discussion as ill-mannered.”


    In the UK, all anyone talks about is politics and how much they loathe the leadership. Dan Hannan, too, is well-discussed in Britain. He has an official blog on the venerable large-circulation “The Telegraph”, and he always gets scores of comments under his blog, he’s all over You Tube and he has ready recognition on TV. I would put Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage at the top of the column labelled Respected Politicians in Britain. (It’s a very short column.)

  2. @Verity – don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate both of these talented politicians. And from my command post at the kitchen sink I also readily admit that I am limited in UK radio to just BBC Radio 4 and a Liverpool sports station. But when I sift through the Telegraph, the Times and (yes it’s true) the Guardian every Friday there is little to no mention made of these pols (too skint to afford the papers the other 6 days of the wk. ). And more importantly, their essential messages are not given any time here in the RoI. For gosh sakes even American talk show host Michael Graham gets 20 minutes on the George Hook Show on Newstalk 106 on Mondays. I heard Hannan way more in the States than I ever do here in Dublin. And it’s a crying shame b/c if there ever was a nation that needs to hear Hannan’s message, it’s the Irish!

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