6 thoughts on “Just Unbelievable”

  1. Once again the nanny state just makes things worse. She would have been far better off eating her home lunch. Of course, the mother knows her child, the nannies don’t.

  2. The contradiction is that the same liberal extremists who so ardently defend a woman’s right to choose if she wants to have a baby turn around and deny her right to raise that baby as she sees fit ….

    … or maybe the government funded birth control and abortions are really a complete lack of respect for women. They will spend whatever to takes to keep women from having babies because they have no faith in their ability to raise them.

  3. Why shouldn’t Gov’t agencies be subjected to lawsuits on behalf of the people? Agency or officious functionary loses lawsuit and their appropriations get impounded back to the treasury as the jury of taxpayers sees fit. This would certainly put the fear of God into our ruling class. The investigating party bringing the lawsuit gets a cut of course. With the right incentives most of the crap on our statute books could cleaned out. Right now the incentive is to pillage. And to write bad law.

    Give us the power of the purse.

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