12 thoughts on “Chicago Send-Off, with Guinness, for Neptunus Lex”

  1. I just learned about him when he was killed.

    I wish that I had gotten to his blog earlier.

    But from what I learned he was quite a character.

    One of his posts was the “5 historical figures you’d like to invite to a dinner”

    One of his choices was Amelia Erhart.

    I’d like to think he is now getting his wish.

  2. I asked both of my brothers-in-law if they knew him. Both have gone through Top Gun and Gulf War I, as Marines. One was commander in the 80s but didn’t know him and the other is in south America. Sounds like a great guy.

  3. I think he would be tickled knowing people all over the country – and out – are honoring him.

    I have bookmarked his site and will spend a lot of time going through his posts.

    I can tell he had a self-deprecating sense of humor when he reported that the 14 year old friend of his daughter was so disappointed that he wasn’t an actor in the movie – and was simply “the real thing

    Michael – your family is quite a family of high achievers!

    To get to Top Gun you have to be the best of the best…

    I was surprised that the Navy is subcontracting out the “aggressor” squadron.

    Elfsta – in that role they want different planes from what the Navy is using – preferably planes that can approximate handling characteristics of potential enemies –

    Over the years they have used the A4 Skyhawk (Navy/Marine inventory), F5E (a Northrup plane descended from the Air Force T38 trainer – only available for export – F16 (I think) – and Air Force fighter – sure there have been others until I heard of the Kfir…

    When I lived in San Diego in the early 80s – driving down I5 (by Miramar) I always did a double take when I’d see an F5 or F16 on the final approach over the freeway – with a red star on the tail….

    I think the Air Force has a similar program at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas….

  4. Lex cheated death in a dangerous business for a long time. For him this latest role was a reprise. He played the same role when he was with VF-45, an aggressor squadron based in Key West, FL. (The “Worst Day Ever” post was an experience from that period.) Of course as the XO of TOPGUN he was in that business also. I’m not sure when the Navy decided to outsource the aggressor function – maybe around the time when VF-45 was disestablished..

  5. Flatlander – having never vicariously “known” Lex until his death I read your linked post “worst day ever”. What a reminder in flying high performance jets that just a second – or less – can mean the difference between “normalcy” and death….

    I would “assume” the Navy – and not the NTSB – will invistigate his crash and if so I wonder if we will ever see the cause – not that it really matters at this point.

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