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Just in case you’re not familiar with her work, Megan McArdle writes under the nom de blog as Jane Galt. Her work can be found at Asymmetrical Information.

Megan recently posted a few items that I think would be of interest to our readers. The first is entitled “Why can’t mothers find part time work?”, and it’s pretty insightful. Megan points out that there’s plenty of part time jobs out there, they’re just not top-flight careers that pull in $100K or more a year. The reason why employers don’t seem willing to help working mothers stay on the high powered career path is due to good reasons.

Megan follows this up with “More on the tenure track”, something that should be of interest to Ginny.

Megan ends with an untitled post where she makes the observation that academia is pretty much shooting itself in the foot by making such a big deal out of Larry Summers’s remarks.

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  1. Thanks James.
    I think the part-time work thing is a big deal, too. (There are so many blogs out there and i hadn’t checked that one in quite a while.)

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