Book Review: Maiden Voyage, by Cynthia Bass

Speaking of the Titanic….there must have been at least a thousand books written about this ship, and quite a few of these books have been getting a marketing push from the 100th anniversary of the sinking. One worthy book that could have done with a little marketing assistance is this 1998 novel, which currently stands at #5,797,127 on Amazon.

Passenger Sumner Jordan is a 12-year-old from a wealthy Boston family, returning from a visit to his father in England. Sumner was named for the abolitionist Charles Sumner, who was beaten and nearly killed–on the Senate floor–by a proponent of slavery, and he desperately wants to live up to the level of courage shown by his namesake. He has a crush on 19-year-old Ivy Earhshaw, a dedicated suffragette.

When the ship hits the iceberg, each of them will have some decisions to make about ideals versus personal safety.

(Writing this review from memory and information on Amazon, since I can’t find my copy and it’s not available on Kindle.)