8 thoughts on “Beagle blogging”

  1. Nice shot. I take it the bone is made in China, hence should have a lower likelihood of failure during chewing?

  2. Ralf,

    Just a word of warning. I grew up having beagles around. Dad hunted. Keep the gate closed – tight with no holes even a cat could slip through. Hunting hounds have a habit of following scents as far as they lead and, sometimes, that is farther than you have any ability to find them ever again. To hunters losing dogs is a cost. To pet owners losing a dog is, well, really painful.

    That said, and the houndlike baying that beagles do aside, they really are pretty cool dogs. Is yours the little or larger variety?

  3. Yes, if you want to be a long-term beagle owner, you’ll have to pay serious attention to beagle containment issues.

    Never, ever let the dog go outside without his tags. Our beagle mix escapes about once a month; in our neck of the woods, people are very good about returning a friendly dog who has your contact information on his tag. Your results may vary.

    Beagles have a poor sense of direction. Our beagle mix has returned only once under his own power. Once, when he left without his collar, he wound up on Doggy Death Row a couple of weeks later, after being spotted in various locations about 5-10 miles apart and on both sides of the Interstate.

    GPS tracking devices for dogs, when they’re introduced, will have a ready, enthusiastic market among beagle owners.

  4. Incognito,

    no moving parts, so the risk of failure is rather low. :)


    she only looks this big when you photograph her from weasel eye view. ;)


    I know from first-hand experience how beagles run after anything that looks or smells like prey. We got two, and we are very careful. When they see a cat walk throught the garden they go nuts – they run to the kitchen door and beg to be let out, and when you do, they take off like rockets.

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