C-SPAN 1 & 2 (times e.t.)

Book TV Schedule. C-SPAN 1 schedule.

Topics from After Words and Q&A follow.

On C-SPAN 1, Lamb Q[uestions] & David Walker
Comptroller General
of the United States A[nswers] (8:00 p.m. and again 11:00). He “discussed the mission of the G.A.O and its accomplishments and how reports are conducted and compiled.”

After Words continues the theme of the press’s role in government that dominated several spots last week; this time Ari Fleischer, author of “Taking Heat: The President, the Press and My Years in the White House” is interviewed by Karen Hosler, Sun at 6:00 pm and then at 9:00 pm

The mid-day of both Sat & Sun will be from the Virginia Festival of the Book. Schedule.

On Saturday at 7:00 p.m., Encore Booknotes will feature Lamb’s interview of Ward Connerly, author of Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences.

Saturday at 8:00 am William Eggers discusses his Government 2.0: Using Technology to Improve Education, Cut Red Tape, Reduce Gridlock, and Enhance Democracy. He “talks about the effect of technology on public policy in his new book . . . . [and] explains that the digital revolution is transforming government and politics and that easy access provided by technology enriches life and society in the U.S.” Unlike about everybody else who posts or comments on this blog I haven’t the vaguest idea what the “digital revolution” is, but the talk is sponsored by the Manhatten Institute, so will probably be of interest to those who have a clue.

Other authors sometimes discussed here include: Posner; Michael Crichton; Robert Bremmer.

Good hunting.