11 thoughts on “Quote Relevant to a Referendum on the EU Constitution in Britain”

  1. The French don’t whine? I can only assume that you don’t live in France and you don’t read French newspapers:)

  2. I wasn’t talking about whining. The Iron Duke didn’t whine. And while by current standards his statement is overblown, it is not oberblown by much. The large kernal of truth remaining is that Britain and France are very different countries and should continue to operate on that basis, which give everybody lots of elbow roomn, which will be best for everybody. “Ever closer union” between the countries is a terrible idea.

  3. Euro Yank appears to be trying to increase his blog traffic. He does not appear to have learned blog-eyes are more attracted to honey than vinegar, to wit than sarcasm. Unless, of course, he can’t muster the wit.

  4. Ginny – my Bank account has too much money in it. I’m trying to reduce it by not going to work.

    I think America actually doesn’t whine about the rest of the world. Most don’t care. Most are too concerned about raising their families and getting ahead in life to worry about what the rest of the world thinks. It’s the whining and begging to our dirty politicians that gets us involved. Oh, and morality.

  5. EuroYank is a great wit who doesn’t give a whit for hits at his blog. So he is slumming with us to reduce the pressure. That may explain why his comments give the impression of a balloon, slowly deflating.

    I must admit a soft spot for him, however. He is the only person who ever called me God.

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