Just Some Housecleaning

Blog goddess Natalie Solent posted a few comments at this post. One of the things she said was…

Hooray! I have finally posted a comment at Chicagoboyz. Every previous attempt has been met by an automated message saying my harmless opinions were liable to deprave and corrupt.

People have informed me that they’ve had problems like this in the past. The Boyz, like all blogs, is the target of spambot attacks just about every day. Our MT Blacklist will screen out the offending URL’s, but sometimes they contain words that crop up in the comment that someone is trying to leave. This results in your inoffensive comment being deemed offensive and blocked from the site.

Our policy has been to welcome any comment as long as it doesn’t contain profanity and it’s not simply an ad hominem attack. If there’s a problem then please send me an Email that includes a description of the problem, the URL or title of the post where you want to leave the comment, and the comment as you want it to appear. I’ll see what I can do to make sure that you are included in the debate.

My Email address is james_43202 AT yahoo.com.

4 thoughts on “Just Some Housecleaning”

  1. The anti-spam ware looks for certain words whether stand alone or embedded in other text. For example


    Contains C-I-A-L-I-S the often spam advertised drug.

    The spam filter will tell you what text it objects to. As a short term work hyphenating the word in the middle of the offending text like so:


    usually works. This trick works on most blog systems.

  2. -Our anti-spam blacklist is public. (You can view it at https://www.chicagoboyz.net/blacklist.txt.) We can edit it to remove words or phrases that cause problems for commenters.

    -I removed the entry for cialis because it caused too many problems of the type Shannon describes.

    -If the blacklist rejects your comments it will also specify which word or phrase is the problem. If we’re rejecting your comments because of a word or phrase that you think shouldn’t be banned, please email me and I will consider removing it from the blacklist.

  3. Johnathan, I am truly bummed that Brit_ny-Spears is on your blacklist. She could figure enormously in your blog’s political-science discussions!

    (Jus’ jokin’.)

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