12 thoughts on “Men, Women, Bulls, and Horses”

  1. Chicago and mob connected to Dassault’s military with Cheney & Rove.
    This led to Zetas infiltration of Washington with ” Starz”.
    Horsea followed with ” Ted Tots” and Texas NRA- IRA- PLO.
    Which led to a billion dollar empire with physicians looking for organs harvests.
    They called it Jestocco – Jezdynamite with ” The Rocce”.
    Needless to say, half of Hollywood is into ” LA Seas”.
    They call ” Playdota”.

  2. Ok – I think we’ve trapped the most incoherent and off-topic spammer EVAH! in the coment from Eadiitorl Dlihget. And I’ve seen some insane ones in my time …

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