A Break From Politics

For some tea and sangwidges, on this side of the pond

(Taken at a British tea-room in San Antonio, at an event celebrating the wedding earlier this year. Yes, there were people interested in it. Alas, the tea-room itself has faded away for the time being. It’s had several incarnations over the years, in various locations. This one might have worked … but even the Texas economy is ruthless. But the tea was perfect, and the sandwiches were excellent!)

7 thoughts on “A Break From Politics”

  1. If you are ever in Victoria BC and go to the Empress Hotel they have a “high Tea” hour that quite frankly has gotten touristy – and costly.

    But then my most memorable “Tea Time – was in Kenya – in 1983. (not that I have had that many) The Lake Navisha hotel is a reminder of the Empire – the lake, which is known for its flamingos – with a manicured lawn that is acres – and when “tea time” comes they have a table(with table cloth or course), you take your tea (and scone?) and park yourself at any of the dozens of chairs – all under the shade.

  2. BTW Sgt your San Antonio Tea Place looks rather civilized too! Although I could spend maybe 10 seconds talking about “Wills & Kate” and would tire quickly of the conversation ;-)

  3. When I was growing up in Chicago’s South Side, there was a tea room at the intersection of Yates and Exchange Ave where the IC line crossed just where Yates became the Outer Drive. It was across the street from the IC station and was quite popular, especially with ladies coming home from shopping downtown. On the other side to the north was the entrance to South Shore Country Club.

  4. Talk about touristy – The Russian Tea Room in NYC. But the tea? An all out assault on the taste muscles, with black cherries to chew on.

  5. Bill, I don’t know. I worked in Manhattan for 1983 to 1993. The Tea Room was de rigeur for out of town guests.

  6. Roy – that brings back a memory. In 1983 when I went to Kenya I stopped overnight at NYC and never having been to manhattabn thought I shouldtake a tour.

    Signed up for a Gray Line Tour and I remember 2 things – well, 3.

    We took a quick drive up 5th Ave – and through Harlem. Park Ave.

    Had lunch at the Russian Tea Room.

    They then dumped us off for an hour in some rinky-dink souvenir shop for an hour.

    i thought of all the things to see in Manhattan…;-)

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