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Lamb Q[uestions] & Bethany McLean, Fortune Magazine Senior Writer [A]nswers. She and Peter Elkind, who is also a senior writer at Fortune, are co-authors of The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron (2003). On C-Span 1, this interview airs 8:00 and 11:00 Sunday.

On C-Span 2, Book TV covers from 8:00 Sat morning to 8:00 Mon morning. After Words (Sun @ 6 & 10) will be an interview of Neil Baldwin, who

profiles men and women whose ideals have influenced morals and values in America. The book includes biographical sketches on colonial Massachusetts governor John Winthrop and his idea of a “city on a hill”; Thomas Paine, author of the pamphlet, “Common Sense”; and Secretary of Sate George C. Marshall who drafted the plan to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Joseph Bottum, editor of First Things. (Note that the “In Depth” interview this month was with Richard John Neuhaus, editor-in-chief of First Things.) Last week’s After Words interview of Patricia O’Toole by Tom Daschle, former Senate Minority Leader, will be run at midnight on Sunday.

Sunday at 8 & 11, David McCullough will discuss his new book, 1776.

Both Saturday & Sunday will devote large chunks to various book festivals: the BookExpo America in New York City, 2005 Virginia Festival of the Book, and 2005 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

A much-talked about aspect of the Iraq war will be discussed by Milbry Polk & Angela Schuster who edited The Looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad: The Lost Legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia; this will appear Sunday19 at 10:30 am and Monday at midnight.

David Reynolds reappears in the “Public Lives” segment Monday at 1:15 am, with his John Brown, Abolitionist. (Reynolds generally takes an American studies approach that illuminates the period as well as the subject.)

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