Smiles 2

Speaking of evolution, Beautiful Atrocities traces the great adaptive tree of perkiness that culminates in Katie Couric.

Manolo looks at Belarus fashion (click to a wide assortment). Blame Bush describes the response of plucky librarians to the Patriot Act. Scrappleface comments that

Senate Democrats, despite their minority status, have begun to achieve something which Republicans have only dreamed of — a U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations.

Thanks to a Democrat filibuster on John Bolton’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., the United States has effectively disengaged from the global peacemaking body, leaving Republican strategists scrambling to reclaim ownership of the ‘U.S.-out-of-U.N.’ movement.

Muir’s characters spend a week “out”, but he returns to political satire today; both he & Iowahawk take advantage of the greatest gift to a comic writer – Durbin’s complete lack of proportion. Leno & Letterman. (Most of these are from Jonathan’s “Humor” links on the right. Reward yourself with a laugh every once in a while.)

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  1. Beautiful Atrocities is a big favorite. He is always funny, and always shows an enormous amount of work and creativity.

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