Request for Some Skilz

Every one is familiar with this image:

Circulating recently has been this variant:

This has been implicitly about the election, but the imagery is from some online game. Still, I like it. I was thinking it could be re-done with the motif of our trusty friend the Gadsden Flag.

My request: An image that (1) has the same typeface as the original keep-calm-and-carry-on, with black lettering, saying KEEP CALM AND FINISH HIM (2) put a Gadsden yellow background on it, (3) Put the Gadsden-snake-and-leaves on top where the crown is.

This would be a nice thing to circulate in the final days before the election.

Please contact me at Lexington.chicagoboyz AT if you are able to put something together along these lines. All credit will go the creator.

10 thoughts on “Request for Some Skilz”

  1. Yeah, lose the blood. Also, with respect, dude, the “finish him” metaphor isn’t right: we want to defeat Obama, send him off to a UN sinecure, speech tours and golf, not kill him. I’m not so keen on the death-metal video-game style of the middle image, either, but that’s more a matter of personal taste. Finally, the whole “keep calm” thing strikes me as too British and too try-hard. I think the message you are trying to get across is that we should focus our political efforts on the long term and not let ourselves be discouraged by setbacks or naysayers. If you’re going to do black/white, how about a white Gadsden snake on black background, lower caption: “don’t tread on us”, upper caption: “restore America”?

  2. Thanks guys. My specification does not include blood. So I don’t know why you are telling me to leave off the blood when I already specified black letters and made no reference to blood.

    I want the “keep calm” image specifically because I see people verging on hysteria.

    The keep-calm-and-finish-him image has already been circulating. A revised version would be in respone to that.

  3. … the whole “keep calm” thing strikes me as too British …

    You say that almost as if it were a bad thing. ;-)

  4. Agreed, TM. That is why I expressly omitted it from my specifications. I do not want any violent images. I just want Mr. Obama to lose the election and go back to Hyde Park or Hollywood or Hawaii or Harvard, or wherever he will be most happy and productive. I hope he will live to a ripe old age, with several grandchildren, and become as sensible as George McGovern eventually did. I hope I see him at Powells book store or Valois or in front of the Quad Club in Hyde Park ten years from now, and I will say “good morning, Mr. President” and I will get a smile and a wave from an older wiser man who is at peace and has found a role more suited for him.

  5. “… the imagery is from some online game.”

    Um, the dragon symbol is from Mortal Kombat. Which, of course isn’t what you’re really going for.

    And I don’t really want another President Carter, making speeches and meddling in places he has no business. Golfing? Fine. Hobnobbing with European nobility? Great! Trying to run for President in 4 years after barely losing this election? No thanks.

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