Early Voting @ Miami City Hall

Around 7:30 this morning. People were lined up to vote. What does it mean? We’ll know in a few days.

UPDATED TO ADD: Florida reduced the number of early-voting days for this election, so it’s conceivable that today’s long line is more a reflection of people wanting to avoid having to vote during the work week than of anything else. There’s only a small number of early-voting places, and for many people Saturday morning may be the most convenient time of the week to vote.

beginning of voting line

middle of voting line

end of voting line

4 thoughts on “Early Voting @ Miami City Hall”

  1. I voted at the middle school at Lake Arrowhead in 2010. That’s a Republican area as most of the permanent residents are blue collar workers, like a lot of resorts. The weekend visitors are often more liberal than the permanent residents. It will be interesting to see if there are lines Monday.

    Romney seems to be drawing back to the GOP the affluent suburbanites that had defected to Democrats over social issues in recent years. That’s Michael Barone’s theory.

  2. I voted at a county library in Sarasota last week. The line took about an hour at 1:00PM. Voting, all four pages of the ballot, took about 10 minutes, but I’d read the sample ballot beforehand. When I left the library, the line was twice as long as when I joined it.

    Florida, btw, requires photo ID, but can work around its lack.

  3. I vote absentee, every time, through the US mail. I am so happy I can do it this way as I am sure over my lifetime it has saved me at least a full day. However I always think that my ballot would be much easier to be destroyed by an over zealous clerk.

  4. In Colorado, you can vote by mail, or fill out the mail-in ballot and drop it off at the county clerk’s office or other designated drop off points. My wife and I dropped our ballots off over a week ago and are now trying to make sure that all our friends and relatives are getting their ballots in, or going to the polls tomorrow. We live in El Paso County, the most Republican county in the state. Turnout here is likely the key to a Romney victory in Colorado.

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