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C-Span 1. Book TV. Book TV Schedule. After Words and Q&A.

The core of this weekend’s schedule is the The Harlem Book Fair from Sat 12pm-4:15pm ET. Three main panels: “Relinquishing Blackness: The Class Divide in Black America”; “Black Political Writing in the 21st Century” & “The Black Classics: Books That Speak to Our Soul.” C-span will take viewer calls.

Lamb Q[uestions] & Kenneth Tomlinson [A]nswers. They discuss “the future of public television and international broadcasting.” Tomlinson “was elected chair of the CPB board in September 2003 and chairman of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors in August 2002.”

Asra Nomani is interviewed by Akbar Ahmed on After Words Sun at 6:00 pm & again at 9:00 pm: “Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal correspondent discusses her campaign against sexism in her local mosque in Morgantown West Virginia. Her book is titled, “Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam.” She is interviewed by Akbar Ahmed, Islamic Scholar and Professor at American University.”

Last week’s interview of The Nation’s Victor Navasky by David Frum will be repeated at midnight Saturday. They will discuss Navasky’s “new memoir — A Matter of Opinion — and reflect. . . on his career in journalism.” Navasky’s role in the Columbia Journalism Review has been discussed lately on the web.

The schedule emphasizes three works on the natin’s early years & early heroes:
Sat at 7:00 pm: Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams
by Joseph Ellis (Encore Booknotes
Sun at 11:30 pm: Martha Washington: An American Life by Patricia Brady
Sun at 7:00 pm: Iron Tears: America’s Battle for Freedom, Britain’s Quagmire: 1775-1783 by Stanley Weintraub