5 thoughts on “Moderation isn’t always good.”

  1. Under the aegis of Wetlands Restoration the eco-weenies have recently and with public monies pushed forward with the purchase and re-establishment of an additional 10,00 acres of salt-marsh in the Bay Area.
    It’s prime mosquito Hilton-habitat, the facts being that one square acre of salt-marsh is capable of generating four million salt-marsh mosquitoes, some of which can fly up to 26 miles for a little blood-supper. Even for the affluent Sierra Clubbers in Los Gatos and Pleasanton that’s dinner-downtown.
    The environmentalists stated goal is 100,000 acres.
    We already have over 30,000 acres of salt-marsh throughout the Bay Area, but apparently that’s insufficient breeding ground for the newly arrived and multicultural West Nile Virus to enjoy, and since the TV anchor last night stated that it is expected for the Bay Area to become the next big West Nile hot-spot in the country, we don’t want to disappoint I suppose?
    My post.

  2. heh, fellow bay area sufferer… stupid PC language bainwashing. they should call a swamp a swamp… wetland makes it sound purer I guess.

  3. They’ve been doing it for so long around here it’s totally entrenched. I stil want to know what’s with calling it “Vector Control,” instead of something more obvious and apparent.

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